What can i do to jog faster and last longer? I have no clue...?

I have a friend that i want to beat at jogging. Im 13, in eighth grade, and a bit chubby. I just want to be able to finish with a pretty good time. Im doing pretty well but i want to keep going and get faster times. I am not satisfied with my abilities. Also mention some exercises i could/can do to help strengthen my stamina and running/jogging ability. Thank You


Any ideas on how to run farther and faster?

It is pretty basic really... I would start out on a bike of some sort, working on your Cardio/Respiratory systems to build them up. Start with what you are comfortable with, and move up your length of time spent on it each day. Then move onto a treadmill, working on your upright movement, leg transitions and stepping... There is a big difference in times between running flatfooted and running with a bounce off of your toes. Then move to a track and work on your jogs, or even the grass to build up the impact shock for your shins, then move to concrete, and continue your lengthening of times spent jogging.

its very basic really, just moving up in increments. but remember, most importantly: STAY HYDRATED, EAT HEALTHY, TAKE YOUR VITAMINS, and EXERCISE!

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always jog slowly. this will increase ur stamina. go as far as you can, and preferably on one long stretch. when ure satisfied with ur distance, jog faster.

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Practice trying to jog for a longer distance at a slower pace first. Then increase your pace little by little. Also, try jogging at a slow pace for a minute, then run very fast for 30 sec...jog slowly for one minute, and run fast again for 30 sec. This helps train your heart.

Doing leg weights and strength training exercises will help you too because it will give you more power to run faster with less effort.

Vary the places you run. Try doing stairs once in a while. Jog up a hill. Jog down a hill.

And have fun my friend! :-)

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Well, actually, try and pace yourself. start off slow and when you get close to the end of the race, go really fast, if your friend does not no this technique, he will probably slow down at the end of the race. that will give you a better chance to win because when your friend slows down, if you are a certain distance apart, you can easily pass him. Now for your running stamina, run aroound a block, but pace yourself. also, treadmills work great.


First and foremost, the best exercise to improve your running is actually running, well jogging in your case. In order to improve your speed, you should do leg turnover drills. While jogging around a track pretend like you are running on hot coals trying to pick your feet up as quickly as possible. Do these exercises for 50 meters every lap or half lap around the track. Also, try an exercise of 4x100m repeats at about a sprint and then try jogging about a lap or 2 after the session. How far are you wanting to jog? I gave really easy workouts... because i figure the distance your jogging is like a mile or 3/4 of a mile.

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Start off slow. Then gradually get faster. Don't forget to take deep breaths and if you feel the need to stop just slow down. Some exercises are like squats, sit-ups, and maybe running on a tredmill if you have access to one.

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keep a nice and even pace. if tierd, walk for about 10 steps, then keep on running or jog. (that's how i became this good now.)keep doing this till the end.

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If you'd like to run faster, the key is to simply always keep running. Muscle memory allows the muscles in your body to react quicker and quicker every time. A good exercise is the jump rope.

How about 800 times?

I would start slowly and jog at least 15 minutes a day. Then after a week or so try to go a little faster pace. As you do more miles you will start to feel real comfortable.Increase to 20 minutes,then 30 minutes.You will also get faster. Do some speed work at least 2 times a week!! Like 400's ,200's on the track!! Well good luck!

Can someone help with my running please?

Love RUNNING. Everything goes easy.

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