Can i take a run in my backyard?

I wanna start running but i wanna do it in my backyard. Its a medium sized backyard. But i just figured that its how long i run not where. So can i i run around is it okay to basically run in big circles in my yard?


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running in circles mite cause injuries in the long term.because of the strain you put on your shins, injuries like shin splints mite occur. whereas, if u run on a straight road, you wont have to turn so much, thus the risk of injuries will be lessened. plus get a good pair of running shoes. all the best!

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Your body doesn't care--as long as you don't run in small circles and make yourself dizzy!!

Whats a good 1 1/2 mile time?

this will probably put you at risk of getting injured. I can understand that you feel self conscious but do you really pay much attention to people running along the street? you could always run early in the morning or late at night so you wont be seen. or in the woods? or join a group of begginers- most clubs have groups of people who feel similar to you who will be slow jogging/ walking together. I hope that as you improve you'll come out of hiding!

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