What do you do when your running for vice president and theiris a popular person running aganist you?


I have heard that ice baths are good to take after a hard workout. Is that true?

Do you have good running shoes? That's important.

What is the world record 400m?

concentrate on getting every vote you can. If they are "popular" chances are they have a small group of followers, concentrate on getting everyone else to vote for you and you might be able to win. the key is to be personable, and make an effert to one each individual vote!

Injured and miss the team..?

be your self and compete. do your best no matter what happens. that person would think that you would give up since he is popularand you are afriad of him but you are not.

What distance is a Jr High Cross Country race?

no offense, but you should be in politics not sports.

Any tips on running the 400 meter dash?

I have been in the same situation. Give it your best shot! Sound more interesting than the popular person. Get a few friends to vote for you. Talk to more people and get to know people. In schools, people tend to vote for people that they know and not what they are saying. Most of the school wont be popular, so get as many people that aren't popular to vote for you. Make signs and hang them around the school. Good luck!

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