Not feeling good after race?

I had 2 races yesterday, long distances, and afterwards i felt so exausted but couldnt sleep for more than 6 hours, and was not hungry at all... now today i feel terrible and have barely ate anything and am just so tired... I took an hour nap and feel a little bit better. but what do i do? I am supposed to run 3 miles today and have a race on monday but i do not feel up to it at all for running today


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im a long distance runner to and ur prob really dehydrated drink lots of water and gateraid to get back ur electrolights and if u dont feel up for the race dont stress urself Good Luck

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You should not run today! Listen to your body you need to take a day off and rest. It sounds like you are exhausted because you used up your glycogen reserves and have not replenished them. That is why you had fitful sleep and are still tired. Try to eat some healthy carbs today. Maybe some type of pasta with a little protein. Also try to drink a little maybe some gatorade or something. Today do some stretching, take a nice hot shower and relax. Tomorrow do a light easy run to get your muscles loose and warm this will help recovery for your race on Monday. But I must stress a light easy run. Eat some healthy carbs tomorrow, drink some fluids and try to get a good night sleep. You will be ready as can be for Monday.
It is tough to do two races in one day. In the future you must make yourself drink something within the first half hour after your race is over. Preferably some type of sports drink and if not racing again eat a banana or an orange or something light to get something in you. Later your body and muscles will thank you.

Improving Cross Country 3 mile times?

First, after any hard seesion (be it a race or hard work-out), refuel is key. So the advice on water and a sports drink was good, and wise for you to follow. Second, a good healthy meal to replentish lost carbs and protein is essential. Usual pasta and some meat (like chicken) is good. (And you being a female, some iron-rich foods is key for a female. So nice spiniach salad is good or any dark greens). Also, and this is key, don't forget a piece of cake or pie to get the simple sguars to give the quick sugars athelets need. The carbs are the slow-sugars for later while the sugars of cake are good. (Besides, running races entitle you to a treat.) Look at a nice relaxing hot bath after you races and massage your legs in the bath to remove soreness. The bath will help you relax more. Try those.

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is verry good to races but ,is good to make races every day ,and I am sure you have hungry and will can sleep verry good,and you will feeling verry good.Is not good to race now and after some days,is good to running everyday for feeling well.

Doing Short Sprints?

Congratulations on running 2 races in one day. that was quite a feat. you should try and make yourself run the 3 miles at a very enjoyable jog so maybe your body will get the chance to recuperate. good luck on your race Monday and all your future endeavors.

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that means you ran really gave it your all in the race!
drink lots of water gatorade anything to get your energy up & also go lie down for a little while maybe it is that your still tired
even ten minutes of sleeping might help you

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Your body is worn out!

I will bet that is the hardest you have pushed yourself (2 long races in one day).

Next Sunday is my 1st Marathon (San Diego RnR). Then, I got a flu yesterday. Please help!?

You should get your mom to take u to a doctor maybe you should miss a race and rest then run in the next race and bring Gatorade!

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Great question and great answers. Thank you all. :)

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The best thing to do is eat well, rest, and drinking plenty of water. many people feel that Gatorade is the best thing for you but water is so much better. Fruits and granola bars are good for snacks. Eat a nice breakfast, getting rest means lights out at a certain consistently, the more you do this the easier it becomes to go to sleep.

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