.Track season begins in 2 months from now?

, i'v been training by running alot, and i heard jump rope can help can help you ina big way, how? and routines should i do?


Any reccomendations of supplements for 400m sprinter?

Indoor Track has just ended.
The last National meets will go off for the next 2 weeks and then we being Outdoor track.
Jump Rope does not help.
Practice a lot of what your going to be doing.
Belive it or not Upper body has so much more than most people think it does in track. A strong upper body means control so if you havent started working on that get your mucles used to the strain. Especially Shoulders.

Headphones fall off my ears when running...suggestions please?

well track season for me is in a month so I've been running since October and jump rope does help it get's your leg muscle's and calf's more stronger also try when you at practice to not run with you spikes on and only put them on right before you step on the track for the race you wont believe the more faster you'll be and the more fresher you leg's will be

I want to...?

next year do indoor track too.

In track and field what is Mach A and Mach B drills and balistic stretc?

yep its help alot ..
and u can try push up too =D. .

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