Sprinting on grass or on normal ground. TO GET FASTER IN RUNNING


Is there a way to develop your fast-twitch muscle fibers, if so how?

You should sprint on ground that is flat and even. You do not want to injure yourself when you are running. If you have good grass on a park or golf course then you can run uphill and down hill. Up builds your strength and down makes you run faster than flat ground which improves your turn over rate. You need to train on the track also, and do lifting, plyometrics. Running is not just running. It includes all of the things that improve your ability to run.

Breathing by mouth/nose when running?

for sprinting, I would recommend running on a track or hard surface. with grass you run the risk of hitting uneven ground and hurting your foot or ankle.
have you tried sprinting hills?

What are some tips to run faster and better?

Well, first of all you must work on your endurance. Just because you run fast doesn't mean you run good. You have to know what you can handle. The best thing to do to get faster at running would be to sprint on both the grass and a soft track. Sometimes normal ground is too hard. Make sure the grass you run on isn't very bumpy or you could fall and hurt your ankle.

Why am I having such difficulty running?

The rules of specificity of training says to practice in conditions that simulate your race. Unless you are racing on grass, sprinting on a track is going to be more beneficial.

To get faster sprinters use plyometrics, resistance belts or hill running. Up builds strength. Down improves leg turnover.

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