Beer belly?

i just wanna know how to eliminate beer belly, though, i have done a lot of jogging or running? do i still need to do those sit up exercises? thanks


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Of course you need sit up to shape up your abdominal muscle. It will in turn hide your beer belly effectively when you have burned a lot of fat.

Sitting straight instead slumping like a potato couch! By sitting up straight actually your abs muscles are strained in a way. It will train your abs and literally can help conceal the love handles

Abdominal exercise will shape the muscle in your abs and it can helps hiding away those love handles. Do regular sit up in your bedroom daily.

Eat a low calories diet. You should not eat in excess and try to reduce your portion. Otherwise it's pointless since you are filling up again the beer belly with fat.

And do Cardio. You should do a long mile jogging or join an high impact aerobic class regularly.

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yes that helps a lot too it helps to define it more.

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If it is fat, then you have fat all over your body and you must lose that fat to decrease the size of your belly. Exercise will tone the muscles, but it won't do much for the appearance until you lose the fat so you can see the muscles.

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you need to do both im afraid!
running will help burn off the layer of fat hiding your muscles, whilst sit-ups & other exercises like the plank & crunches will give the muscles themselves more definition

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