Anyone run hurdles?

I run the 100 & 300m hurdles and i want to be on varsity this year. Is there anything i can do to help my chances of getting on varsity?


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try increasin your flexibility and do weight lifting. stay hydrated. hope i helped.

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has season already started?
if it has, you're probably running 5-6 days/week. you should take maybe 1 day a week or spend some other time weightlifting. squats are really great for working all the muscles that work for hurdling.

you should also try training just above mid-distance-try doing some 400-500m workouts and on saturdays running 3-5 miles or getting some weight work in to keep up strength and start getting stamina for the 300.

work on long strides for the 100. you should do lead and trail leg drills, like setting up the hurdles about 1m apart and walking to the side, quickly working lead leg by pulling it up and snapping it over, or on the other side, working trail leg by pulling it up cleanly and evenly and pulling it over with a long motion.

for the 300, RUN MID-DISTANCE! you should be doing 400-500 workouts for this. also, try setting up 150m of hurdles set to 300m height and distance. run through these at a race pace 5 or so times for a workout. always make sure to go out at your fastest, because everybody's tired at the end of the race, so it's almost always the beginning leader who takes first place.

good luck this season. eat right and find good shoes to help along with the whole thing.

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the best thing that you could do is start some form training. get your form nearly perfect. while doing this i would also work on some speed training. the faster your speed the less steps you have to take to get over the hurdle. as of right now on the 110 high hurdles i am three stepping. currently as of last year my fastest time was a 15.6. honestly i don't have much speed. thats where my form comes in. it's practically flawless. also do a lot of starts. your start is one of the really big important things in hurdles. doesn't matter how great your form is, your start all the way up to and over the first hurdle can make your break your race. finally it will also help to start running some distance. i'm actually a distance runner who runs between 65 to 80 miles a week. i honestly believe that the distance running adds to the stanima and to the strength in my legs. but all i can say is keep at it, don't give up and work hard at it!!

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i run hurldes well one tip dont run bare footed (it makes u faster)but u will get shin splits and it hurts like crazy trust me but you have to push your self race someone faster thatn you and see what the outcome is or even u run hurdles and they ru n open it helps it really does thats what i do every season i am the fastest hurlder at my old school so yea juss try it

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Work on your quickness between hurdle(quick feet/turnover)

for 100H do
Move all of the hurdles in one of your foot lengths (1st hurdle 1 foot in 2nd 2 feet and so one until all the hurdles are set up) and then move all of the hurdle down lower than race height.

Start stride pattern.
Set the first hurdle at the discounted distance and have someone measure and mark these off by placing tape across the lane on the track at the distances given. Practice starts by stepping on the tape marks and clearing the first hurdle. Have someone watch you and your running stride to see if you are hitting the marks
* I suggest going over the first two hurdle instead of just one

8 Step Stride Pattern
1st Stride 0.45m ( from start line)
2nd Stride- 1.39m
3rd Stride - 2.50m
4th Stride - 3.74m
5th Stride - 5.14m
6th Stride - 6.62m
7th Stride - 7.78m
8th Stride - 9.74m
1st Hurdle - 12.00m
place the next hurdle(#2) 8.5m/8.8m away from the first) helps in quick turnover/quick lead)

Your body will begin to follow the stride pattern and this will improve your acceleration pattern which in turn will improve your start.

- The shorter distance and height allows you to better simulate race pace.

for 300H do these drills
First 3, Last 3:
- The first three hurdles and the last three hurdles are setup on the marks. The race distance is run using these hurdle settings.
Do a race start over 1st 3, stride in the area where the other 4 would be and then go over the last 3(so there will be the 1st 3 on the track missing 4 and then last 3)
Run 3 to 5 of these to build strength.

First 6Hurdles
- The first six hurdles are setup on the marks. The first six hurdle are then ran at race pace to build rhythm.
Run 5 to 7 of these to build rhythm and strength.

Last 3:
- The last three hurdles are setup on the marks, this is used for 300 hurdle training to build strength.
(run out of the blocks at race speed keep your stride pattern, make sure you are running over the hurdle line with your lead leg don't hurdle it but think of the hurdle there)
Run 3 to 5 of these to build strength.

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