Are Nike Shox Explodine shoes good for a running program?


Any suggestions for running faster?

I train a ton of athletes and I've noticed a common theme with a lot of the Nike Shox users. If you use them for simple walking around and maybe some light jogging they seem to be very comfortable to wear. If you use them for any sort of plyometric exercises or anything else of the high intensity variety they seem to develop some foot pains. If you are doing solely running I would go with maybe an Asics, New Balance, or the like.

How do i improve my Stamina for running in a marathon?

shox are a scam. If you have a running shoe store around you, go there and they will help you find the perfect pair of shoes, and often times they supply a discount.

Runners food?

no shox break we can't wear them in basketball because of this

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