Are there any products (scarf, mask, etc) to wear for running in cold temperatures to prevent a sore throat?

I know to breathe in through my nose and exhale orally, but I still get a killer sore throat...


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Wear a thin scarf. This will take the chill out of the air without restricting your breathing

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Just use one of those cotton kerchief scarves, they are inexpensive and washable

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no there isnt anything. you're just sick.

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Nothing is 100% effective, but my runners (I'm a track coach) have told me that wearing a painter's mask is a big help. They are lightweight, stay in place well, and don't really interfere with your breathing (either by volume or with the mechanics of breathing).

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Sorry to hear about your sore throat issues.

I used to get a really bad chest cold every year until I started to wear a "balaclava".

*It's that "terrorist" mask that terrorists and special ops. types wear on T.V. documentaries/movies.

*The best one which won't interfere with breathing, AND does a great job of warming the intake air is the one currently sold in Army/Navy surplus stores/outlets and is made of wool.

**They're black, relatively loose-woven, don't get soggy, and keep you warm, but not sweltering.

**Very versatile gear, inexpensive, and can be machine-washed (hang-dry on your showerhead after laundered).

Good luck with your running, I hope this helped.


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well i normally just wear a wooly hat or try to run in the warmest part of the day. u can get sports drinks like Viper which creates a lining in ur throat (I don't really know how it works) & shd prevent throat pain. u can buy it from runninh shops. also, u cd be asthmatic so maybe see ur doctor if u suffer with lots of coughs

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Wear lots of layers and try to take short breaths. I would take a scarf but do not wear it too tight. Only use the scarf if you have to. I run all year and I wear at least 4 layers in the snow on the top half and always wear a hoodie under my windbreaker.

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The sore throat could be a result of opening your mouth to take in more oxygen as when you run you need more air. You can wear a muffler perhaps. Come back after the run and gargle with warm salt water or mouthwash. In fact you can visit this website for more home remedies. Sore throat is usually due to a viral infection.

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