Can I know how to build stamina and speed ?

Question:I sprint 400mx2 a day, slow jog for 1.2km, medium jog for 2.5km, 500m fast jog, and walk 2km in 1.15 hours everyday 5-6 times a week... But it takes too much energy for the next day that i need lots of coffee.

I can run 400m in 1.02 minutes but I aim to beat the school record (53 seconds).
I'll also be running 800m and 1500m.
I have already started practicing for 4 weeks but still have not increased my speed.
I tried increasing my speed but it took lots of energy that i could not run 1500m at fast speed.

Can anyone offer a timetable or a website about running (timetable).


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To get your sprint speed up you need to get stronger, both upper and lower body. Also, many begining runners have poor form, so improving that could help.
Time yourself in a 100M dash, if you can't go about 12.7 s then 53 in a 400 is not likely. I run about a 13s 100 and I have managed to have some highschool success in the 800 and mile, but I went to and competed against small schools.
Also, variety is a key to improvement. As people pointed out rest is important in a workout. Your muscles don't get stronger when you are working out, they get stronger (faster) when they are rebuilding and resting after a workout. Sleep is very important too. Vary your workouts, get adequate rest, don't go hard two days in a row and you'll be sure to improve.

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I don't have any site but i have to tell you that your training program doesn't containing much rest which is really bad , and not helping you decrease your time . Using coffee in order to stay awake wont help you .

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try they have a lot of training tips and programs

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im on a highschool cross country team whick does college level work.we do a 3 mile warm up with 1 0f the miles doing 100x16 and then a 40-60 minute get faster u try to run the practices at the same pace or a little faster each time. dont try to kill yourself rightaway.

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go to or these sites are really good. plus go to sleep on time and eat fruits & veggies. look at your diet and see what you are doing wrong. and see if maybe you just need to cut down on the running. maybe it is making your body really tired. see if you are overduing it.

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=) Wait! Wait! Wait! Coffee? It's loaded with energy-suppressing chemicals. Rule it out and try a sports drink and/or energy bars! Good Luck with the record! =)

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