Are there any runners chat room sites?

I tend to run on my own. I know I could join a club but it would be nice to talk to different people


Good running program for someone already thin?

It has discussion boards for various cities around the U.S. and Canada where you can meet up with others close to you. There is also a discussion board where you post about races and you can try and meet up with others at certain races. Very cool website. I just found out about it recently.

What is waterpolo.. good cross training?

Yes, log onto the runnersworld website.

What makes cross country so interesting?

Site has more then you could ever want. Go check it out.

Would Sore leg muscles ( Calves, Hamstrings, Quadrisepts) effect your speed in a 40?

Visit this site -

Am I straining myself ?

One of the best forums (not a chat room) is definitely on the Runners World website ( Many categories to chose from and a lot of input from varied & experience runners all across the US. Reliable information and frequent daily activity.

Help! twisted knee in long jump! :(?

I like the milesplit network. It has sites that are specific to different states. My state is PA, so I use that site. It has a forum, and also chat, although I've never used the chat.

I never tried to run and type into a chat room at the same time. That's an interesting idea!

Help with hurdles!!!!?

runners world

How hard is it to hold a 5k to raise money?

as some people have already said- try runners world, they have a magazine too by the way!

Track question? is great. It's American but it is still good for training tips and anything else running related.

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