800 meter times?

Question:What is everybody's 800 meter times? I am a freshman and I run the 800 meter and 1600 meter in high school track.
800 meter pr-2:01.12
1600 meter pr- 4:55.77
Anyone have any good advice on how to train?


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800m PR = 1:56.45 as a sophomore last year, 1:57.7? as a Jr this year after a stressfracture in my foot.

1600m PR = 4.47.34, I'm not a miler :]

Message me and I can probably help you set up an 800m workout, but you need to have the motivation to do it or it will break you mentally and physically.

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I don't run distance so I wouldn't know. But I know how to train it. You should run uphill it will help your endurence.

(oh and btw your 1600 meter would be a record at my school.)

Are my times/distances good and what can i do to make them beter?

i am an 8th grader and i run the 800m in 221. I have my regional and county meets coming up in the next few weeks so i hope and plan on getting sub 217.

Is your second mile on the 2 mile supposed to be faster than your first?

Mine is 3:05 so ur obviuolsy a better runner thanme . But i have some good tips as far as training. Run around 100m more than the distance you are training for and try and meet your time for the original distance. This may take time but its worth it for the final result.good luck

Ive never done any sports before... spring track??

I'm a freshman girl in high school and my best 800m time is a 2:34.

The boys 1600m record in my school is a 4:26.

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run a lot of timed quarters. try to run them in under 60 seconds, resting for about a minute in between each one. run 4-6 of them, then run about 3-4 miles. i dont do the quarters every day, but i run the 3200 also, so i go on a longer run on those days. 2:01 is an excellent time for a freshman also, congrats.

Ohhh man i'm in MAJOR trpuble with my track meet tomorrow !! HELP!?

Im 6th grade boy and my time is 2:50
and id say try to run a mile once a day and you'll get better and beter so the 800 will be easier and you'll be stronger

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im an 8th grade girl and my pr for the 800 is 2:33. its probably my best race.

I had no idea that Y!A finally recognized running as a sport. What took so long?

If you run the 800 in about 2 minutes, you should definitely know that it's possible to cut down your mile time. Just try to pace yourself, and don't go too fast at the beginning or else you'll get tired towards the end. For the 1600 meters, do your first two laps in 1:12 each. Then speed up on the last two laps by doing them in 1:10 each. Your time then will be 4:44, about 10 seconds less.

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