How i turn pro long distance runner?

how do i go on turning pro at long distance running? if anyone can help me out thanks.


Whats the best shoe for high jump?

I think you just need to run a lot!!!! start out by choosing a run like the mile or 2 mile and get timed in it. Everyday you should practice and try to get a faster time!Try to aim for 5-6 min. when starting the mile and work your way to faster times. You also need to strech before, and after you run so that you don't ache. I love to run distance and the key to doing well is to RUN,RUN,RUN!
I hope i helped in some way!

What is the best pace for a five mile race?

Start running!

Should i train?

move to kenya..they win all marathons and the such.

What 2 mile time do you need to get into UCLA?

do marathons get on a team get a sponsor
make a name for yourself

What do the numbers on the running track means?


How should I train for a 4.7 km race?

good on you, you`ll need a sponsor or two. have a good look on the internet.

Does being supple and flexible make you a faster or slower runner.?

A good diet and plenty of running.

What should I do to make my legs feel less sore a day after running?

every day of the week fix a time table with exercise..specially those concerned with cardio-vascular work out...if u can follow with this routine for 6months without break then u r ready for pro running...u can look for time table online or ask your coach to plan a time table for u.some tips.breathing should be controlled and rythmic,dont forget the upper body while practicing for running,do weight exercise but not too heavy,most primitive way is to tie sand bags to your legs with equal weights and run,swimming helps in controlling your breath making it rythmic...try these u can go pro for sure after thati can bet on that

How do I get back into running? Maybe a marathon?

Have you any acchievments in LD races yet? If you don't start entering long distance races and get some good results, no one expects 1st place or anything - thats for those already pro.

If you do have some good acchievments under your belt start contacting coaches (unless you already have one) and companies looking for sponsorship. Many specialized sports companies sponsor and coach elite athletes, contact these with your running CV and discuss possibilities of joining their pro race teams. Search for pro race teams etc. on the net and give them a bell - whats the worst they can do? they're only going to say no at worst - if you get accepted onto a team your sorted, the kit and support these teams get...

Many of the above answers list how to start out running, I read your question mor as if you were already a decent runner, if not then yeah start getting good first!

Oh and out of interest how long distance are you talking, halfs, marathons, ultras?

Do you know of any good arch supports?

You need an agent that will get you sponsorship with a larger shoe company or smaller local businesses.

I'm a professional runner; private message me and I can get you in contact with some agents or put you in the right direction for sponsorships and other things of interest.

Good Luck!

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