How can I build up my stamina for running, especially for soccer pre-season?


What song gets you fired up before you run a cross-country race?

During pre season, the most important thing is to build up a good endurance base and not get injured. If you can run for 20 minutes at an easy pace, try running 20 minutes, 3 or 4 days a week. If you can not run 20 minutes, then start by doing a combination or running/walking such that the total time is 20 minutes. Each week increase the length of the running portion and decrease the length of the walking portiion. For example, you might start out with 2 minutes running, 1 minute walking repeated 7 times. Each week increase the run time by 1 or 2 minutes but keep the total workout time approximately 20 minutes.

One you can run 3 to 4 times, 20 minutes at a time at an easy pace, you can add the following workouts to improve you strength, speed and stamina.

For strength and speed, after running 5 minutes at an easy pace, run 6 x 80 to 100meter strides. Accelerate up to nearly a sprint, running as relaxed as possible. Jog twice the distance, i.e. 160 to 200 meters between each one.

For stamina, after running 5 minutes at an easy pace to warm up, run 800 meters at a hard but controlled pace. The pace should be faster than your easy pace but slower than what you would run if you were running an 800 meter race. It should also be slow enough so that you can run a total of 4 800 meters at the same pace. Between each 800 meter, jog at an easy pace for 2 minutes. After all the 800 meter repeats, jog at an easy pace for 5 to 10 minutes.

Good luck with you summer training.

I have a bad cold but don't want to lose my running progress. What do I do?

I think 1/4 mile repeats are good. Do 1/4 mile fast--like under 65 or possibly 60 if you are strong enough. Rest for about 1 minute then do another. Do 10 of them. Don't forget to stretch before and after. Also do a long run of about 5 miles once a week.

Where can in go in my town to buy running shorts?

Well what I do is just take a 10 min jog when your starting out. Then you start doing 1/4 mile runs and build up from there. once you get to three miles you stop and just keep doing three. you don't have to go any farther than that. Try to improve your time everytime you run. It'll build good leg muscles. Oh yeah, stretch also, before and after your run sessions. Good luck in soccer!

What mile time would it take to get a track scholarship to a university like texas, unc or maryland?

Do suicide runs, my favourite. Go to the soccer field. Stand on one end of the pitch. Touch the box line around the goals, come back. Touch the top part of the semicircle and come back. Touch the half way life and come back. Touch the other sides goal box line and come back. Touch the other sides goal line and come back.

If you are in good shape you should be able to do one set and feel tired. Keep on doing this everyday, take a day off every two or three days. Pretty soon you'll be running around for 45 minutes and not feel a thing.

I want to start cross country, but wondering if i could make it?

Do some suicide on a basketball court and they will build up your stamina.

NJ Track and Field Clubs?

protein early in the day and carbs right before the game

I have flat feet, what can i do?


The UnITED States has a lot of talented runners around the country?


What is the best strategy for a cross-country race?

be sides running i al so jazzersize and i exercise a lot i work out at the gym 4 times a week

How can I improve my time in the 400?

First, warm up your body with stretching exercise. Start out your running in increments. Don't rush yourself or push yourself too hard. You want to keep a journal. For example, document your workout, say three times a week for 20 minutes each day. Then increase to 30 minutes each day. Until you've reached an hour. Maintain the hour workout throughout your soccer season.

What are a good brand of shoes to get for running?

start with running a mile(4 laps). and as you get comfortable with it increase a lap. and then as that becomes easier incorporate sprints into your workout. such as 160's or reps(20m 40m 60m)

Did u ever got 1 in a CC race?

You go for a jog every night. You run for five minots and wock for two. Do thids for 20 mons. to s haff hower.

How do I get a faster mile time?

Use something to give you energy.

Running in Crocs. Tell me your experience?

Try something like a mile or two run it does help some.

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