Improving breathing, water intake...for running?

Question:I think I've hit a wall. I'm 25 have trained for 5+ months and can run doing about 175-180bpm constant heart rate (note this is racing/time trial)...I've noticed my legs don't even begin to stress or ache (I strength train them as well), I also have no chest pains...but I feel lightheaded and dizzy if I push much harder than I do...either that or my legs literally start losing coordination (not aching at all but a slight dislocated-ish feeling that slows them back down...I can stop it by breathing harder but that just makes me more lightheaded and dizzy).

My pace is about 18:40 for 5K...but I want to do under 18 minutes (it's about time I placed first not second or third in my age group).

Any techniques as far as how much to drink how soon before a race (and what to drink), what to eat before the race and how soon before the race, when to breathe deeply vs. quickly...that can get me past this irritating light-headed-ness?


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I suggest that you drink close to nothing before a race, or you may get cramps. as far as a snack, try a banana 2 hrs. before. Banana helps to soften the joints and make it less strainful on the joints. it also gives you energy.

How fast??

and adding on to the first person that answered bananas are high in potassium which reduce your chances of cramping up.hope everything works out

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