Best sports bra?

I have taken up running and want to buy a really good sports bra - I dont mind what it costs or what it looks like but I'd like it to be as supportive as possible - are there any out there that literally stop your boobs moving around? I'm a 34C. I like running but I'm really paranoid about getting saggy boobs!


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I like the Nike bras which are meant to be worn as outerwear. They're pretty cute and have lots of coverage- they usually run $25-40/each.
34C isn't extremely busty, but women I know with D cups or larger often wear two sport bras to decrease the bouncing. You might also try visiting your local running store and asking a female sales associate to help you choose an appropriate bra for your build.
Plus, breasts are much more likely to sag from being overweight or pregnancy than they are from jogging a few times a week. Yes, get a good bra, but it won't make a huge difference.

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anything made of satin works..and id also look for ones with a no slip grip...avoid cotton...

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i just bought a "moving comfort" brand sports bra from dicks sporting goods for $34. best bra i have purchased. be sure not to dry with fabric messes up the dryfit quality. also if you just began running, there is a book "sole sisters" of inspirational stories of female runners. i bought 3 to give as gifts to friends who also run. It was in this book I heard of the moving comfort brand. good luck with the running!

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definitely champion sports bras from target. they come in like a million different colors and they are amazingg.

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I love under armor sports bras. The are comfortable and have a lot of support.

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try There are several hundred sports bra reviews there with ratings on style, fit, comfort, etc.

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