Any tips for improving times in the 400 meter and the 800 meter run?

I'm 15 and I run track for my high school. Currently my times are 53.9 for the 400 meter and 2:12 for the 800 meter. Is there any way for me to improve my times so that I can break 50 seconds and break 2 minutes?


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Everyone so far has given excellent advice. However, to get a leg up on running you have to have your blood fully oxygenated before you start your run.

Close your mouth and inhale fully and deeply through your nose, do it as hard and as fast as you can, fully expand your lungs. Hold for a count of five (or eight, it depends). Then expel your breath hard and fast (sounds horrible) squeezing your stomach and lower abdominal to get all the air out of your lungs, then hold for a count of four (or eight, it depends on how good you have gotten at this. You do NOT want to hyperventilate!). Do this five to eight times before you run. You may cough and spit out mucus when you first start doing this, it helps to clear the lungs, also. Do this frequently so you don't have a choking fit on the track. It'll freak out your coach and the other runners. Plus it will give them a psychological advantage thinking you are a lousy runner.

This exercise oxygenates your blood and lungs so your body has use of greater amounts of oxygen for the muscles at the very beginning of the run so you can get off the block faster with more speed and intensity. It helped my first year swimmer son bring home several second place medals.

Hope this helps.

Off season training for the 400/800?

keep running on a regular basis to improve your cardiovascular strength and your stamina.

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work on endurance and speed that may sound stupid but it works it took 2 seconds off of mine. Maybe one day do endurance and the next speed. One day my coach had all the girls run a mile and we had to accelerate to a sprint on the straightaways and jog around the curves. GOOD LUCK!

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i cant speak on the 800 but for the 400 meters. run 600 meters . this will get your strength up for the 400 meters. when i was running in high school and college this is what our coach had us do. make sure you are weight trainings as well. the 400 meters is a technical race. you want to sprint the first 100 meters. when you hit the staight away stride that out. once you get halfway around the last corner coming up on the straight away with about 150 meters to go. you want to be giving it all you got. thats why running the 600 meters will help you. sprint 200 stride 200 sprint the last 200. i went from running 49.9 to 47.6 during my senior year in high school. eventually got it down to 46.1 in college. you can do it man!!

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ok go out for a 3 mile run and try to go your fastes for the longest and never walk then practic you pracitic you ends of your races by runing a mile and start sprinting adout 3/4 of the way through

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I can't give you any tips for sub 50 in the 400, but endurance will help. For the 800 if you want to be a good sub 2 runner then your splits should be 57/57, or 56/58 which is what I shoot for. Set goals for yourself, if I were you I would worry about hitting 2:06 before you even think about running sub 2 min. Its all a work in progress, do what your coaches tell you to do and by the end of your Jr year or early in the season senior year you will be nearing the 2 min mark. Run XC and build a base of endurance. Once the season starts, then work on your turnover and leg speed for sprinting.

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yes it is possible but it wont be easy. try taking long runs so 800m feels short. practice 200m do alot of intervals as your 200m time drops you can make your 200m splits in the 400m faster because it would feel easy running 200m splits in the 400 2-3 seconds slower thanyour fastest 200m times. try to get both of your 200m splits 25 seconds or under.
Doing that the 800m will be easy because running a 1 min lap would feel easy but the second lap is what you need to work on. when you get on the 2nd lap speed up for the 1st 100m and do a fast jog for the next 100m and when you have 200m left do a steady comfortable jog for 100m and then sprint as hard as you can and your should get under 2 mins.

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Sounds like you are off to a good start. Have you thought about light weight training? This will increase your muscle mass and thus, increase your running time. Do some leg lifts, with low weights, and say 10 reps, 4 sets each leg.

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do wind sprints over and over again

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Those are good times for a fiveteen year old

DO strength fworkouts for your legs
Do hill repeats or squats

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