Best way to get faster?(400m dash)?


Leg Work Outs?

If your problem is speed, do speed workouts. eight 400s with little rest in between. Try and make each 400 consistent. If your problem is endurance, run at a medium pace for an hour straight. Every five minutes, run harder for an hour. If you feel ready to die at the end, then you've done it right. This really works, I shaved three seconds off of my 400 time, running a 53.9 when only a month ago I was running a 56.8. Good Luck!

Spring track help?

Have you seen rocketeer? a jet pack on your back will help you.

Could anyone give me a training schedule for atwenty mile run?

keep training !!! the 400 is my race too and sometimes our coach will make us run a mile on the track accelerating he straightaways and jogging the curves. stretch !! it helps alot.

What are some tips to run faster and better?

Specialize training just for that event and then genetic ability has the last say

I really need a healthy eating plan to match my workouts.?

run with a backpack full of rocks for a week

What do u run in track?

sprint 50 yards, jog back, sprint half way then back (100 yards), sprint half way then back then half way again, walk back then do it again 4 times then 5 and so on. try to add more yards every week

Does long distance running help with the 400? and does it help with the 100 also?

you can run faster on a tread mill and for longer distances and this is believed to be able to increase sprinting speeds although this is not used by the majority of sprinters i think weight training would be usefull to build up muscles for more power

Good tips on how to become a better sprinter, and a good workout to increase stamina for a 13 year old female?

Run with people who are faster then you and push yourself to stay with them. run a lot of 200m and 100m intervals. The 400m is a very tough race it takes alot of pacing skills and technique. on the first 100m do a 95 % sprint, on the 2nd 200m be in jogging formation and keep long strides 80%, 3rd 100m do a fast jog 85-90%, on the last 100m sprint.

What should I eat if I have a Half-Marathon tomorrow?

all i can tell you on this one is to keep practing and dont ever give up on your self

Is running 5 km.?

sprint training will do the trick

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