Best runnning shoes (not too expensive)?

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Pre-Race Routine?

If you are thinking of running then you can't think of running shoes as expensive, they are a tool us runners use and the most important peice of equipment you will buy. Now I won't say look for the lowest price you can get. But, your shoes need to fit properly.

My advice, go to a sports store that specializes in running, have them look at your gait and how you stand etc... Then try on a number of runningshoes. When you find the one you like you can then shop around and see if you can get them cheaper. Ebay may have them at a good price.

But don't skimp on your shoes. You want a nice comfortable shoe that you can run in. Nothing worse then having issues because your toes are cramped or your shoe is to narrow.


Help!! need running advice!?

Asics GT2110 Stablity Running Shoe for Women are 55-100 bucks, which is pretty good
Asics Gel Cumulus VIII Cushion Running Shoe Womens are 70-85
basically go to
your one stop shop for shoes!

Waterproof hiking boots with support for 'over pronation'. Any UK suppliers?

you stand on your feet all day. your feet should be more value then what you spend on your hair.
Good shoes for your feet will save you heaps in the long run.
find shoe suitable for your feet.

40 year old male, annual company athletic meet coming up in 9 months time, events I would love to participate?

you should get nike or asics cleats.

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