Are cowbells commonly rung when cheering runners?

I have seen some people ringing cowbells to cheer along marathon runners. Is this common and is there a significance to it?


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Cowbells are often used as noisemakers in sporting events, especially right before a crucial possible turning point. They have been used for many, many years in football games, basketball games, baseball games, hockey games, and even golfing events. They are actually banned at some sporting events, but avid fans somehow sneak them in. I have participated in many marathons, and it has been a long time since I ran one where someone didn't use a cowbell to cheer us on.

No one knows exactly why cowbells are used in sporting events or why it remains popular to this day. Maybe it is because a cowbell is a metaphor for life. Perhaps it is because as a percussion instrument, a cowbell is that thing that lingers behind the main picture. It is that good quality that most of us have which we all need to show more often, it is that je ne sais quoi that we didn't know we had. It is cowbell! When you are good at something, cowbell is the edge needed for greatness.

At the 20th mile mark of a marathon, when our glycogen stores are depleted and all we can do is think about quitting, it is the humble cheerer with his noble cowbell that reminds us that no matter how difficult life is, there is still lots of good in this world. It is a reminder to us runners that we need to keep on going to reach 26.2 and show the world that we can become better than we were ever expected to become when we dare to dream. We can all use more cowbell in our lives.

Is there a significance to it? Yes there is.

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the only time that ive ever heard a cowbell rung was on the final lap of the 1600 or 3200. ive never heard one rung by a fan.

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Common- sure. I don't believe there is a significance as they are used in a lot of sports. They're certaintly loud and not as obnoxious as a blow horn!

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I grew up near the Wisconsin School for the Blind and when we helped out with their track and cross country meets, we used different sounding cowbells to signify turns and straightaways. I now coach a middle school and still use the cowbells to get my runners attention while racing. They all know the reason why I use it. Now my stands are filled with parents ringing cowbells!


I thought it was just a way for parents to cheer on or imbarse there sons or daughters.

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I run Cross Country, and I've never been to a race WITHOUT hearing one of those blasted cowbells!

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