Breathing in your nose or mouth?

Question:I hierd that breathing through your nose is better is it
to run races
does it make your faster

thanks for your advise


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You really don't have to worry about breathing. Your body will naturally do the right thing in a race.

But to answer your question, no it's not better to breath in through your nose. When racing, you can breath in more air through your mouth. The more oxygen the faster and farther you can run.

For a longer explanation see

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Breathing through your mouth is never better. Once I had a congested sinus, and was forced to breathe through my was painful after about 30 minutes. And as for running, I think you could inhale through your nose and out your mouth.

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From experience, I always breathe through my nose, but exhale through my mouth when jogging. It makes me feel good. But, when I was really into running, I was subcribed to Runners World and they always had great tips for professionals or those that wanted to be professionals.

Check out the website. They may have the answer you are looking for.

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It doesn't matter. The air goes to the same place,your lungs, and at the same speed. You just need to breath deep, not gasp with short breaths. Getting the oxygen into your blood stream helps you run. Some people (me,included) can not breath through their noses.

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It is a lot better, Its easier to do too.

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Not really. It's whatever you feel more comforable with that'll help you. If you're forcing yourself to breathe in through your nose then you're not gonna be doing as well. There are some myths around whether it's better to breathe through your mouth or through your nose but the simple truth is that you just need air so whatever you feel more comforable with is best. Personally I do a bit of both.

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Breathe through both your nose and mouth simultaneously (natural breathing). It would make sense wouldn't it, considering that the holes of your nose are smaller than the mouth thereby allowing more oxygen to pass to the lungs at a greater speed through the mouth than the nose.

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it is more efficient to breath through your nose, since you get more oxygen with less drag, but it takes practice. and it also makes you less tired, but when you first try it you'll feel like you're suffocating lol. idk if it's fasster, definitely not easier, but more efficient and possibly better and faster, yes.

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First, read the article at the link that David gave you.

Next, breath through your mouth, actually, both your mouth and nose. Your nostrils are too small for you to get adequate air to sustain a hard pace.

Breathing through just your nose is comparable to drinking through a straw when you want to be gulping from a glass.

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Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

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