8th grade 400 meter dash time?

Question:I just ran a 400 (8th grade) in 55.4 in my meet, how's that compare to the best you've seen?

Thanks ya'll


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That is a good time, but it is not the best I have seen for 8th grade. You need to remember that no matter how good you are there is someone somewhere that is better, so keep training.

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the best ive seen was 55.8 by a 7th grader and he wins all the meets so ur doing really good.

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That is pretty good for the 400. that would be about 6th or 7th on my high school's team and we are about to win the league title for the record 10th time in a row. (O'Dea High School) In high school you should be able to take quite a bit of time off and be really good, maybe get down to 49 sec.

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lol faster than me, but not faster than my friend; he's fastest kid in our county something like four times in a row in both cross country and track!

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