Can running bare foot damage your feet?


The taste of blood?

If you start barefoot running from one day to the next, or if you don't change your running technique and keep landing on your heel, then yes. But if you take the time to adjust, build up your callouses, and strengthen your feet, then it's very healthy. See the websites in the source, several folks posting there run marathons without any pain or injuries!

Also there has been research among the guys who pulled the rikshaws in India, running barefoot on pavement all day, and they had less foot trouble than Western folks with all their fancy footwear.

Stomach problems while running?

Only if you run on hot asphault or walk over sharp pins.

What size spikes do a Asics Hyper MD track cleat have?

it strengthens ur feet much more.but in d long term, it damages ur foot and knees becoz of d impact tat is taken in, instead of the cushion ur shoe provides.

Is 5 : 17 a good time for the 1500 M for a 13 year old boy?

who cares??

Track meet pointers?

yes, it hurts the cartalage in your ankle and foot. its a good way to get stress fractures and shin splints.

Bowerman's shoes.?

no,just toughens them

Is this a good 800m time?

If you do too much, too quickly it can damage your feet. And if you run on glass, sharp stones, and other things that can cut your feet.

But if you progress at a normal rate, it is actually healthier for your feet and your joints. Shoes tend to turn people into heel-strikers, which puts a lot of stress on the ankle, knee and hip. Running barefoot forces you to use your feet as they were intended, landing on the midfoot, then heel touching, then pushing off the ball of your foot. This is a lot less stressful on your joints, as the muscles of your feet and lower leg absorb the force, instead of your bones.

Shoe companies have realized this and are now starting to produce more minimalist shoes.

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