Are there in soles for running shoes? if so what are the best?

my running shoes are comfortable and a perfect fit, but sometimes my shins start to hurt. are there an in sole especially for running? what do you recommend me doing to treat my shins after a run? they don't hurt so bad that i cant walk, its just an annoying pain.


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There are lots of insoles that can help with shin splints. From personal experience, one that I know is great is Superfeet (see link #1). Also, lots of my running buddies swear by them, and they are definitely one of the most popular on the market. I have also heard good things about Smartfeet.

However, far and away the best way to avoid shin splints is to stretch them before your runs. Some very good ones are at link #2. In particular, the first three are a must before every run for every runner with a history of shin splints.

When you get shin splints, the best way to treat them is to rest them and ice them. You should apply ice directly on the inflammation for no more than 15 minutes at a time for 3-4 times a day. If the pain becomes unbearable, you can take over the counter pain kills like Advil, but they will do nothing to make your shin splints go away any faster.

Good luck on your recovery~!

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I don't think insoles will help your problem...You need to strengthen the muscles of your lower leg, especially your tibialis anterior.

*Shin splints are caused when your tendons and other connective tissue are forced to absorb excessive force because the muscles of your feet and lower leg are not strong enough to handle the pounding. Insoles will provide a little more cushioning, but ultimately, you will just need to get stronger lower legs. To strengthen your tibialis anterior, lean back against a wall and raise your toes so all your weight is on your heels. Do as many of these as you can (you should feel a burn.) Doing this several times a week will help prevent shin splints.

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