Am i getting better at running?

well in gym we've been running for 2 weeks.& the first time i did , i was DYEing!!! well 2 days ago the teacher was timing the 1 lap , my turnewd out 1minute 36 seconds wihtout stopping,well i think i got better.. Well im not sure though i didn't run a long time since fall . lol ,well today i excersiced on my legs and then i didn't feel as much paine as i use to.Is that good? Oh and what do you think i should eat to give me energy to run?


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if you end the lap less tired than when you first did the lap, you've improved, assuming you worked as hard both times. keep running daily or at least weekly, since conditioning is very important. eat? pasta and other carbo loaders for dinner before, eat eggs breakfast of, no dairy, no sugar, no trashy foods, just stuff that will give you carbs, potassium, protein, and the like. I find that a bottle of gatorade and an energy bar helps, too, and Trader Joe's Z-bars taste the best, though they're not as efficient as worse-tasting bars.

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If you feel more comfortable running, then you have improved. Maybe you can get a stopwatch to time yourself all the time while you practice. Pick a time to acheive, and go after it. As far as food, the best thing to do is hydrate, maybe some carbs, but not alot. Something like pasta, bread, crackers,etc. Make sure you eat your greens too. dairy products is always a good thing. And make sure you eat things with proteins. Your body will eventually get used to the running more and more, so keep at it. Good luck!!

Not feeling good after race?

running is something you can only get better at (unless you stop for a long time then you go back). The best thing to eat for running is spagetti or some other pasta the day before. Don't forget to drink water!

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GOOD JOB. keep running..

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BANANAS are good for quick energy zaps!

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