Are some people to injury prone to run long distances?

I used to run 20miles to 30miles per week until I injured myself. I suffered from a groin pull. Therefore, I stopped running for 6months. Then, I started running again and the samething happened again. I have been working out on an ellpitical trainer for 3years and have never injured myself. Do I have antirunning genetics?


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Yes I think some of us are. I don't know why. I used to run when I was younger, and once I got past a certain number of miles per week, I would get injuries. I never could find the right shoe, or stretching exercise that would correct this - it was just me.

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Some people are more prone to injury than others. It is a matter of genetics and training. Running distance does not usually cause a groin injury, that is more a sprinters injury. Exercise to strengthen your muscles and connective tissue may help reduce your chances of injury, plus you must warm up, cool down, and stretch. Some need to stay with non impact training, the elliptical, bicycle, swimming. It is just a fact of life.

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Maybe but it is also possible you neglected your core/ab muscles. It is well documented that runners with weak abs and core muscles suffer from groin injuries.

After running most of my adult life, I had similar problems. I thought my running days were over. A few months of core exercises fixed everything. Try some of these.
I do core exercises 3 or 4 times a week for 20 to 30 minutes.

When you are feeling better, try alternating running and the elliptical.

Another answerer mentioned muscle imbalance and suggested stretching. Yes, this is a muscle imbalance problem and yes stretching is good start. However, stretching alone will not correct a muscle imbalance. The only way to cure the problem is to strengthen the muscles.

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LOL...antirunning genetics. That might be hard to diagnose. Are some people built better for running than others? Sure. Same goes for any sport. You surely don't see 200 pound men on the spring board nor do you see skinny petite girls in weight lifting...if you're prone to injuries from running, why not try a new sport? Running can really put you in line for knee problems, back problems and in your case groin problems. Perhaps try biking? Hiking? Rowing? Best of luck.

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Groin injuries often occur during a sudden change of direction while running and quick starts and stops. It is often an indication of a muscle imbalance where certain muscles are stronger than others. The weaker muscles are unable to compensate, resulting in a muscle strain. The best way to prevent groin injuries is to stretch your muscles before running, in particular the adductors and hip flexors (see links below).

When you feel up to it, you can start running again during your recovery. There is no need to go on a 6 month break. However, you should gradually ease into it and be sure not to include hill or sprint work.

As for whether your genetics is responsible for all of your misery, well, perhaps there is some truth to it. However, a much larger truth is that genetics only says what *probably* will become of us, not what *actually* will become of us. Only you get to tell us how the story plays out, so make it a good one!

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It could be many things. You should talk to your doctor he/she could help you figure out exactly what it is. I do some heavy distance in the Summer - Winter to prevert injuries like those we do a light stretch before a run. Also we start off a little slow to warm up before picking it up to our normal running pace. After a run we stretch well so we won't get sore the next day and our muscles are less likely to get injured in the next run if they're not all tight from the previous run.

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