Why does my stomach burn when I run?

I am a 25 year old woman and ever since college my stomach burns after running only a short distance. I usually try to eat pretty healthy (at least on the days I know I am running!) and my diet consists of cereal for breakfast and salads with chicken or fish on them for lunch. Then after work I exercise at about 6:00. My stomach often burns really bad when I run. What could be causing this and what can I do to prevent it?


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I did this, my doc told me I had an Ulcer, I took some tablets for 2 months, and no problem ever again.

Go to a doc, get checked as soon as possible, if it is an ulcer it does get worse every day, if it isn't they may be able to give you some other tips.

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I had the same problem... I went to the docter to check it out and he told me i had an ulcer. I had to go in for surgery but afterwards i was fine. I started running again after 6 months and was totally worth the money for the surgery.

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wow...the exact same thing happened to me! anyway, well, it usually happens because you don't run regularly or if you eat a lot and then run right after you eat. the only way that i can think of to lessen the stomach burns is to run more often, so your body can get used to it. good luck!

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its happens because u are out of shape..

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Tisk Tisk to much drinking in college.

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You should eat more carbs, like bread and pasta. But anyway, I would go to my doctor about the stomach thing.

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