By how much will track cleats help me in the 100, 200, and the 400?


First time running the 800-m during outdoor track?

Spikes will improve your time in the 400 by about 2 seconds. So in the shorter races it can give you a percentage of improvement similar. However, in the 100 and even in the 200 the time is significant because the start is very important.

Will new insoles/footbeds rejuvenate my 1.5 yr old running shoes?

It will help you a lot more than you think. Probably by a few ten seconds because you get better traction with cleats.

Are cowbells commonly rung when cheering runners?

you will get much better traction and your starts from the blocks will be much better, make sure u get sprinting spikes though not distance spikes

Can I run 2 miles in 15:30?

Depends on what kind of runner you are. SOme people run like they are running heavy, and some runners run on there heels. Just make sure the spikes aren't too high, shoes aren't too tight, and make sure your calf muscles can carry the weight. Condition them. Get use to them because nothing is worse than running uncomfortable. Good luck!

How bad is this?

they'll help you a whole bunch. They make you get a better push off the ground.

When to stop?

It really doesn't
cleats trick your brain by makeing you have very light feet
But to feel this you should wear heavy shoes

What kind of track spikes should I get?

wearing track spikes will help you a ton. Track spikes are so lightweight compared to other shoes.

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