Any tips on how to run faster?

how and/or what can you do to run faster? what do you need to eat? what are some useful stretches and exercises?


Kenya has the running tribe so is there a sprinting tribe?

you can run faster through constant training.. for best results use weights whenever you run or walk all day. it will develop your speed and strength. for stamina, good food will help you a lot!! eat alot of fruits and vegetables!! drink milk once or twice day!! avoid junk foods and softdrinks or soda.. drink a lot of water!! your resistance to fatigue will develop by contant runniong!! run every morning for an hour or higher..

What are some strong workouts so your in really good shape for a decathlon?

Lots and lots of crunches. The stronger your core is, the more your body can take. I recommend 300 crunches a day.

What is the meaning of this quote??

Do you want to run faster in sprints or distance? You must train for the event you want to run. Your form is important. If you are running incorrectly then you are being inefficient and wasting energy. You will need to practice at your event. If it is sprints then do intervals specific for that distance. If it is distance then run easy 3-4 days per week, and do some tempo or interval work outs 3 days per week. Always rest one day per week. Lift weights, do plyometrics, stretch well after working out, drink plenty of water, eat good, not junk food, sodas, and candy.

How can I get less tired while running?

run relaxed. don't stress. speed will come eventually.

How much does a pair of running shoes - ie brooks Trance - weigh?

Pretend your running for something you really want bad!!
Or you can just pretend your running away from something your really scared of.

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