300m hurdle off-season workouts and drills?!?

I'm a 300m hurdler and I LOVE IT! I really want to improve and the summer is the best time! I need hurdle workouts and drills to do. I'm also not in full access to any hurdles, but could use some periodically. So any drills with and without hurdles would be FANTASTIC! Thank You! :)


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This event requires training similar to 400 meter training. Do some easy running 3 days per week, probably 4-5 miles. Lift 2 days per week. Do plyometrics 2 days per week. There are lots of hurdle drills, but most require a hurdle of set of hurdles. you can do mach a & b drills as part of your warm ups. Do lead leg drills against a wall, striving to drive off of your take off leg, keeping your shoulders and hips square and ahead of your foot. You can practice trail leg circles without a hurdle. You need to be able to lead with either leg. When you get into college and run the 400 hurdles it is important to be able to use your off leg when you tire and your patern changes. Do bench step drills to strenghten your legs. Run and hop up the stadium steps, and run strides between sets. This should be part of your plyometric days.

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Lots of core strength and hip flexor strength. You should also work on increasing your flexibility. Here is a great site on flexibility:

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heres somthing good try working out with leg weights and try to run as far as u can al long as u can then when u get to the hurdles you fell lighter . i am a 110 and a 300 hurdler and i am the best one in our school i got a 17 second in 110 hurdles and i am in 7 th grade

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I'm also a 300m Hurdler. My problem is speed. I am one of the better hurdlers in the race, but I`m usually in the bottom 5. Train by running sprints and long runs (200m/1600m) and also run some 300m's. Also work on core strength and flexibility. Run, stretch, and do lots of sit-ups/crunchies/planks/leg lifts
Thats all the advice I have, sry

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Strength training is a must for hurdlers; it helps prevent injuries and it helps you with your time as well. You must train for strength as well as explosive power. Explosive power and technique is the key to be a fast hurdler.Hurdlers need proper biomechanics to decrease the amount of time the feet need to stay in contact with the ground. 300/300 hurdlers must stay fluent while running because every time you shorten or lengthen a stride you lose your momentum.In the offseason you must train your start(explosive power)technique and neromuscular system(The nerves of the legs must be conditioned so that they react instantly to the sound of the gun and the more you do this the less your mind has to tell them to go)
Basic Strength Increase or Speed Increase/In Season Weight Training: 6 to 8 weeks-To Increase Power - use 3 set of 3 to 6 reps.
To Increase Speed - use 3 sets of 13 to 15 reps (leg exercises 8 to 15 reps). Start with a weight that you can do reps within the range listed (Example: between 3 and 6, between 13 and 15, or between 8 and 15).
Day 1
Bench Press/ Incline Bench Press/Squat
Leg Curl/Lunge/Crunch/Hanging Knee-Ups
Day 3
Straight Bar Curl/Tricep Extension/Military Press
Lateral Dumbbell Lift/Crunch/Incline Sit-ups
Day 5
Bench Press/Incline Bench Press/Jump Rope/Crunch/Sit-ups
Off season should include lots of technique drills,
speed endurance runs.
1-3 x 3-5 x 120-200m
or 3-5 x (180m, 150m, 120m)
or 3-5 x (150m, 120m, 150m)
2-3 x 2-4 x 300-500m
or 250m, 350m, 450m, 350m, 250m
or 600m, 500m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m

If you do not have access to hurdles use cnes or mark off where the hurdles would be and do stride pattern runs( stride change-downs on)
hurdle walking,again at the distances where the hurdles will be, walk in hurdle form over hurdle and high knee marching all strides between hurdles-5 x 5
When you can get access to hurdles
First 3, Last 3:The first three hurdles and the last three hurdles are setup on the marks. The race distance is run using these hurdle settings.

Run 3 to 5 of these to build strength.

First 6: The first six hurdles are setup on the marks. The first six hurdle are then ran at race pace to build rhythm.

Run 5 to 7 of these to build rhythm and strength.

Last 3: The last three hurdles are setup on the marks, this is used for 300 hurdle training to build strength.

Run 3 to 5 of these to build strength.

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I agree that sprinting is very very important. A few meets ago I told myself I needed to run full blast the whole race to make it to states, and now I'm going. Run lots of dashs 100's 60's 50' etc. to increase foot speed. Hurdling really isn't a big concern in the 300's in my opionion. I'm running a 40.4 but that still not good anough.

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