8th grade boy 400 meter dash?

Question:Im in 8th grade and i run a 56 second 400 meter dash... What does that compare to the best you've seen?

Thank you


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That is actually really good, but you could get even faster. I saw a freshmen girl in high school run a 55. but she was competing with the best!. Right now i think your the best at your place. but there is no limit to how fast you can go... so continue

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LOL. I saw one in 23 second dash. If you get bored, try something else. If not, practicing is good to cut off a few seconds. :) Keep up the good work though. 56 seconds is nice.

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A 23 second 400 meter dash is impossible, the outdoor world record is 43 seconds. Your doing good, the fastest kid I saw at my finals was like 60 seconds(I'm also in 8th grade). Keep working hard and run in high school.

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datz pretty gud. i havent seen any 8th graderz du da 400 gud bt ma friend iz in the 7th grade nd he runz a 54.3

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The fastest time i seen was 49 sec. but that time was good enough to win the AAU jr. Olympics,, if you run a 56 in the 400m thats really good and you should win most of your local races and might even place at the Jr Olympics,kept it up thats a good time

Good luck

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that is an excellent time. Don't give up.

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That's a great time! Over the next few years when you get more into training and a little bit of weights, I would predict a 48.

Keep focused and good luck!

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that's so good
i'm in 9th grade
&my best time is 67.1
but the best i've seen is
a 52.something

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If you win your race against your school you done good.
If you win for your school you done even better
and if you made the finals you should hold your head up high.
And if your represent your state and win you done well

Keep that in mind and dedications to your sport and commitment to it.
The best athletes give up time and social life so they may be reward for all their hard work.

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Thats great join a club and start training we may see you in the future and never give up =]

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That is a mighty good time mate. Congrats! The best I have ever seen is about a 46, so you are not far away. Keep it up!

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