Can I wear men's shoes? Women's bodies move differently?

Question:I bought some Asics Kayano 13's and when I got them home, and after trying them on longer than 4 minutes like in the store, I noticed after about 10 minutes they were a little tight. I got Standard width. The store doesn't carry them in wides and I'm on a military base in Japan so it's not like I can drive to another store and find the size I need. I wanted to exhange them for the men's version because they'll be wider.

I hear women's bodies move differently and their running shoes aren't made the same as men's. So I'm wondering if it's a bad idea to go buy shoes made for the other gender. Help!


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Actually they are made the same. If you take a men's kayano and compare it to a women's in a D width, they will be exactly the same except the women's will have a more femanine color. You should have no trouble switching to the mens' version.

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Of course you can wear mens shoes

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The difference between women and men's shoes comes down to not how bodies move, but the bodies center of mass. Women tend to have a larger and heavier pelvis and in running have a wider range of motion. Thus, in running shoes, the feel of the shoe is designed to accomodate for this. Depending on how often you plan on wearing the Asics, I recommend that you stick with the women's shoes and hopefully just break them in. Wearing men shoes with dont fit a women's running gait for prolonged periods of time can often lead to lower back pain.

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Hopefully you're in Yokota, that the best base there. You could wear mens shoes but remember they were designed for men. But anyway, if you do decide to wear them, make sure you walk around with the shoes before running.

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