Can wearing knee support prevent injury while running?

I have seen a lot of people lately who wear knee support while running. They look like tight neoprene with a hole for the knee (I'm assuming so it is easier to bend). Would these be beneficial for longer distance running to prevent injury? Thanks.


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There are a lot of conflicting opinions on them. Some people wear them if they have had a knee injury, to prevent their knee from bending in ways it shouldnt. Some people think they dont really help at all.
If you think it would help you, try it and see how it feels.

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They can help. Some other things you can do; Wear good shoes, run on soft surfaces, stretch well before running.

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Knee support is great for recovering from an injury. Even after you are fully recovered, it does not make much of a difference if you wear them because all they do is provide support. Some people claim (without any evidence) that if you wear them too long, your leg muscles become too dependent upon them, weakening critical muscles in the legs. I have never known this to be true, and I often find people come back stronger runners than before. This is most definitely because they have been continuing practicing, not because the knee support gives them an edge.

Most of the runners I know do not wear them to prevent injury, and I personally do not see why you should. As the old saying goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". If you want to wear them to prevent injury, you can, but they get hot and bothersome after a while.

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