Best way to display medals from running races?

I admit it - I have an "I love me" wall. I get all these finisher/age group medals and want to do more than just hang them on a nail. Any suggestions?


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Back when I first started, I proudly put every single medal and bib on top of my mantle over my fireplace. Before long, it just got crowded, so now I just display my first one, my medal where I PR'ed, and my most recent one. I figured that less is better. The rest are carefully organized in shoe boxes in my closet.

I gave a few older medals to a charity called Medals4Mettle (see link #1), which gives them to people dealing with disease, handicaps or any similar challenge. I figure that if I can't remember the experience anymore, it should go to someone who will appreciate it far more than I ever will again.

I know that some of my running buddies prefer to put them in a case, and you can find some online (see link #2). Some of the larger marathons and half marathons have their own display cases that you can buy (see link #3).

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Get a glass case that has a black velvet boad inside at an angle, and they usually come with ways to attach them~then it will look very professional. Any local trophy store could help you out. And good for you, sounds like you SHOULD have an "I love Me" wall!!

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have them mounted in a shadow box. You can find shadowboxes at the craft store or have it done professionally.

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make them a mobile sculpture hanging from the ceiling

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One of the things I want to do (when I get motivated enough to get it done) for my kids medals is to have a picture of them from that particular sport in which they received the medal. You put the picture and the medal in a frame together as a keepsake to show why they accomplished that particular medal.

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after every track meet, dat monday, my whole track team b wearin dey medalz nd we walk in groupz all dai wit our medalz clankin all dai

Running make u fast...?

just wear them around, but don't rub it in ppl's faces. that gets annoying

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why put them pn ur letter jacket of course. best way to do it

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Make a collagrath out of photos of you in action and put a medal one to three down the side. Frame it and hang it on your wall.

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