Can someone who runs cross country help?

how far do you run at cross country meets and what is the average time people run it in?


Do you run because you have to or want to?

In cross country meets you will run 3.1 miles. I am not sure what the average time for people to run, but in my experience it seems that a average time would be about 20 minutes, but I am not sure. The actual time can range between 16 to the mid to late twentys. I have even seen some people finish in 30 minutes.

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Are you in high school?

High schoolers usually run 5 kilometers, which is 3.1 miles. As far as time, there is a wide range. For girls, very good times would be under 20 minutes and pretty good would be 20-22 minutes. The average for the girls who train consistently would probably be somewhere between 23-25 minutes.

But again, there is such a wide range that it doesn't really matter. If you are thinking about running cross country, just do it! It is fun no matter what times you get.

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At high school cross country meets, you usually run a 5K, or 3.1 miles, though this can vary by state (I went to a meet in New York once, and we only ran 3 miles, whereas where I live, we run 3.1.) Middle schoolers run 2 miles, in most states. As far as I can tell, college women run either a 5000 meter race, or a 7000 meter course, but don't quote me on this.

For a high school girls' 5K, the best times are usually sub-20 minutes; however, right now I don't know anyone on my team who can do this, and we're one of the better teams in the area. An average time would be somewhere around 26-27 minutes, though there are usually people who are faster, and a lot who are slower (I know a girl who took 45 minutes to run her races; that's more than a 10 minute mile. Sheesh.)

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hmmm... same question, I'm an 8th grader and just ran a 22:07 yesterdady.

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high school runners run 5k's which is 3.1 miles. college runners usually run 10k's which is 6.2 miles. i dont know what an average time for a girl is but i run 20:20 last season and im a guy (im not sure if thats average) but i would guess for a girl somewhere between 22-23 would be average.

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3.1 miles or 5000m or 5k. the best girl at my high school runs 18 41, the best guy, 16 37. prlly on average for the girls its around 21-22 minutes for the lower varstiy squad.

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Frosh/Soph run 2 mile.

Vasity runs 3 mile.

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Though she didn't ask about college and we have already established several times over that a high school race is 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) I will set the record straight. In college they run 8 kilometers (5 miles) I know this for a fact having watched several college cross-country races personally, having an assistant coach who runs in college, and being a member of USA Track & Field and getting their publication.

~Paul, you live in the only place I know where Frosh/Soph run a shorter distance than Varsity.

Does anyone know how fast you have to be able to run the mile in high school varsity track to be state champ.?

Usually in highschool, the meets are 2 to 3 miles. there are 5 mile meets but I have never seen one the fastest people run it in as few as 15 minutes and the races usually finish at 35 minutes.

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The distance you run in XC varies greatly according to age and location. My experience is mostly in the North Eastern US, but here are the distances commonly run:

Middle school: usually 3K (1.7 miles) For girls, if you are running 8 min miles, that will be about 13:45, a decent time for middle school. For guys, 7:15 mile pace puts you at around 12:30.

High School: mostly 5K (3.1 miles) for men and women. However, individual races will vary and some states (WI and CT, for example) only run 4K. For girls: anything from 21 - 24 min is pretty average. For guys: anything from 18-20 min is average.

College: This is the main reason I wanted to write - to clear up the collegiate distances. Most races are 5K for women and 8K for men, however at the Div. I and II level, all the NCAA regionals and championships are 6K for women and 10K for men. I think the South and West are more likely to run the longer distances. Also, a lot of individual races will vary - I have also run 3 miles, 4.2K (in Canada), and 4K while being a female collegiate runner. Times vary greatly depending on your division and conference. For the 5K girls, you generally should be running in at least the 18:00s to be on varsity in a D-I program (very school-dependent), while guys should be running below 26 min (also vary school-dependent). However, most teams have all kinds of runners on their teams - at my school we have girls running up to 21 min.

I hope this helps! I just felt the need to clarify the distances at the collegiate level. I wouldn't worry too much about average times - the greatest thing about running is that it truly is for everyone and at least until the team championships, personal records are the greatest achievement a runner can have!

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In Texas, high school cross country distance is 2 miles for all girls, J.V. and varsity. I would say 16-17 minutes is good.

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