Are K-swiss brand shoes any good for free frunning?


When i get up on 5am .. then wad should i run on empty or >>??

I have a lot of running buddies who wear all different types of running shoes. I never thought about it before, but I don't remember seeing a single person wearing K-Swiss brand shoes for running. As it turns out, they only have one running shoe in their line, the Verstad (see link below), which is listed at $55 and described as a "jogging" shoe.

As other have mentioned, K-Swiss is a company that built its reputation on making tennis shoes, which are very different from running shoes. For about the same price, I am sure that Asics, Nike, Brooks, Saucony, or Mizuno has a better running shoe for you. However, if you're mainly interested in the style and you just want to do some light running, I'm sure that that the K-Swiss Verstad is fine.

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Sports Asthma and Track?

I think they are not but Nikes are really good
better then K-wiss.

Who can give advice on Track?

not really. they are more cross training and tennis. I personally prefer Asics running shoes.

Can someone give me advice on finding a good pair of running shoes?

no, K-swiss specializes in court shoes for sports like tennis.
For running, try Asics or New Balance.

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to keep it short and sweet no

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