Am i good @...?

Question:a) the 800 meter run (2:37)
b) the 400 meter dash (1:06)
c) long jump (14'4)
d) high jump (4'10)

im 13 and in the seventh grade just wondering if im good.


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Yes. Your 800m scores 77% using the WAVA age graded running tables. These tables adjust a performance for age and gender and show how good you are relative to other runners. 77% means very competitive at the district level. Your 400m is as good as your 800m. Both of these times are also competitive at the high school varsity level at least at the dual meet level.

I don't have WAVA tables for the jumps but both your long jump and high jump are good enough to make you competitive at the high school varsity level.

If you are just starting out you have a good bit of natural talent but I suspect you already know that.

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i don't know about a lot of those...but i think 14'4 for the long jump is pretty awesome. I think that was the record at my old school.

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holy * your times look a like mine when i was a sevie.(7thgrader).Go with the 800 and the long jump. You will thank a me l8ter.

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For a seventh grade boy, ur probably average if ur trying ur hardest. For a seventh grade girl, thats kinda unusual.

The huge jump between atheltic ability is between 8th and 9th grade. It seperates the boys and the men. i can't help you out on the jump tho.

Think about it - some people (the fastest) can run a 100 in 11 seconds (at least when i was in 7th grade, which was 2 years ago), and about 53 second 400's (which was pretty fast for a kid). Anyways, if u kept the same rate of deterioration, then your mile time would be about what 7 mins, which is crazy for a girl.

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From your picture, I assume you are a girl. If so, your stats show that you are a naturally talented athlete! Do you run with a club or are these your times and distances without formal training? If you don't already train with a team, consider it because you have amazing talent that can get you to many high level meets and recruiting schools.

To give you an idea, these are the normal high schools state cutoff for your events.
a) 800m- 2:25
b) 400m - 1:00
c) long - 16'
d) high - 5'

With a little bit of training, you should easily achieve these times, maybe even in a single season, but definently before high school. good luck!

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Good? If these stats are legitimate and you are a girl currently on a 7th grade team, you must be taking a lot of first places,
which makes your question rather odd.
If you don't know if these are good times/distances then either you are in one heck of a super league or your coach must be
dim. With a start like this, as you mature, you'll be awesome
as a high school athlete. Consider the pentathlon/decathlon in the future.

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Beverly, you're just bragging here, aren't you? You already know that you're good. 2:37 in the 800 means that you're probably winning all your meets.

I see this a lot: people come on here with awesome times, and innocently ask, "Am I good?"

You're probably the #1 7th grader in all your events, and you are likely as good as any of the 9th graders on your team.

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Beverly, you are good!
Keep it up!

Is the shuttle run test scored by how many back and forth runs you do? Or time?

800 and high jump are amazing in my county you will make both and probaly your 400 too the fastest girl on my middle school gets 2:45 on 800 1:09 on 400 13'9 on long jump and 4'6 on high jump so you would be best on the team in all those events!

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