How about 800 times?

2:12 is mine and i'm a seventh grader


What workouts can I do to improve my 5km time. I just ran a 16:20 (track) and I want to run under 15:30.?

You run 2:12 in seventh grade? I run that in 9th! Your time is really really good, but there's always room for improvment. In my leauge, high school district qualifying times are 2:01.7. Just keep running, you're doing great!

Good running shoes for a high arch??

thats pretty good if i ran that my 8th grade year

What is that bracelet thing that some runners (e.g. Paula Radcliffe) wear,and what does it do?

wow thats really fast youd be the fastest 800m guy on my track team im in 6th grade and i get like 2:40

What brand/type of spikes are best for the 400 meter dash. Is there a particular model I should use?

thats pretty good for a seventh grader top high school runners are in the low 1:50s

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