Any tips on running the 400 meter dash?

i am on jr. high track and im 13. yesterday we had a track meet and my time for the 400 is 83.6. i want to get down to 68 seconds so i can make it to districts but i only have one meet left and that is the only chance i get to make it. any tips??


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Ohh I love the 400. In high school I did the mile relay..and I ran the last 400. SO much pressure. Once that baton hit my palm I would sprint as fast as I could.

Some say to go slower on the curves but if you really want that 68 seconds keep sprinting--just tell yourself that it is barely a minute of your life you have to endure the pain. Once you are on the last straight give it more than you think you've got. You will be so proud of yourself and feel on top of the world! Good Luck!!

Bad workout?

One problem that stops a lot of people (mostly distance runners) is that they try to pace themselves. The 400m, as I'm sure you know, is a sprint. Still, you shouldn't sprint your heart out for the first 300m and wear out before the end. Use your energy so that you still have a final kick at the end - it'll take a lot of people by surprise.

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As you know the 400 needs speed, strength, and stamina. To shave 15+ seconds from your time is a chalenge. It would be helpfull to know how much time you have left before your next meet.

One way to help increase speed is to do drills that will help your stride turnover. Ask your coach to attach a strong bunjee cord to a stable point like a soccer goal post and then to you. Walk away from the post until there is enough resitance on the bunjee chord and get ready to run back toward the post. You will have to stay focused and concentrate on running fast. The force of the bunjee pulling you can be scarry at first but ask your coach to help you.

Another option is to prepare on running very fast this week. Work with your coach to try spend time running 150, 250,and 350 meters with minimum recovery times.

Another option is to improve your stamina by running 800, 700,600, and 500 intervals with minimum rest.

In the long term you will need to become stronger by lifting weights, working on a lot of speed drills and sprint work outs. You will also have to do some 800 meter training to improve your endurance.

Hope this helped.

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hey. im 14 and my time at the last meet is 68 and at the meet b4 it was 79 so it is possible to take alot of time off if you just change a few things!! Just remember to go slower (( but not slow)) on the curves and sprint your heart out on the straight sections of the track. Also the most important thing is to save energy for the end because that is when you need it the most!
* also stretch and walk around and jog about 30 minutes before your race.


Run run run run run?

I definetly agree with the first answer.
The 400 is a really hard race because your literally full out sprinting the whole time.

To improve your speed, do speed training:

4 400's
4 200's
5 100's
That may sound like a lot but it's actually not that much. Don't worry, you'll get there. Good luck! :)

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its going to be really hard to drop that amount of time but what you could do is start out kinda slower, but try and keep up with the 2nd or 3rd place person, then when they die off and get tired you'll be up there in first.

but to get that time, what you should do is try and run a 600 at your 400 pace, and then you'll eventually get your stamina up.

good luck and i hope ya get that 68!!

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when you start out the race start fast. . . then as you come around the corner go into a nice pace (85% sprint) keep that pace until you get to the last corner of the race, then sprint it to the finish line, as you come across lean forward(it will make your time faster), that is what i do. . .im 13 and my time is 63 seconds.

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Yes, i am now a junior in high freshamn year i was running 105's 5 months later my sophmore year i ran 51- 52 . i practiced sets of 100 meter dash's then went on up to 800 practice runs usually under 230 about 3 times per day....

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Hi! Im 13 too and i also run the 400. Im guessing that you run the high distance events, because running a 1:23 would seem like your pacing yourself. DONT! the 400 is a dash not a run. Run a 400 and check how tired your are and how long your tired. If you ran a hard 400 the back of your legs will probably be hurting. Or that just maybe for me. Anyways, you should be breathing hard and don't catch your breath for a little bit.

As far as training goes, you have to identify whats the problem. If it's speed, then do some 100's 200's and 300's. and 50's. If it's stamina then go for 500's and 600's and mile runs. Run a 400 every once in a while for technique and trying out new running stradigies.

Hope i helped you!
<3 jayleeJ

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i am a sprinter( 100, 200) and im a sophmore. I just ran one 4 by 400 first time in my life 2 days ago and i got around 54 seconds. which is good coach told me. Let me tell u, try to stay the same speed at first 200 meters, stride same distance each time, coach told me i got a good pace. Then u sprint last 200 meters to the finish line. If u get too tired, sprint last 150 meters. U have to think about it in ur head, concentrate. U need will power too! good luck

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