Bet/Beginner Marathon Runner/ IMPORTANT QUESTION?

Alright... I bet my friend 100 dollars that he could not run a marathon. He is in track and trains for 800's and usuall runs them in 2:20. He is 15 years old and has never run a marathon ever. No training, nothing. He has to run 105 laps around a track. Its going to be 85 degrees out, and he will not have water, unless he asks for it. And finally he only has 6 hours to do it. What is a common time for a young beginner. What do you experienced runners think the outcome will be?


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My advice as a friend, let him out of the bet. At 15 years old he really should not be running that distance even if he trains for a regular distance. It takes 4 -5 months to train for a marathon and thats if you have a base of 35km per week going into the program.

Most marathons offer water about every 5 Km. I have lost up to 7lbs in a running event and that is after drinking along the route.

The outcome is that he will have a heatstroke and find himself in the hospital. So be a friend and let him off the hook.


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according to my scientific knowledge the answer is no becuz the person sounds very unintelligent but he might have enough heart to do it

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most marathons wont even let you enter unless you are 18, because it can be dangerous to try something that strenuous.

but a beginner with no training? he's going to be hurting to finish in under 6 hours, especially if he doesnt pace himself. whats the farthest hes ever run?

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For injury reasons, you should start long distance race slowly. You should get very confortable training and doing 1 milers before doing 5Ks, 5Ks before 10Ks, 10Ks before Half marathons, and Halfs before Full Marathons.

What you are describing is very dangerous. At the very least you can have a very bad injury.

You should always have water (Gatorade if you are running more than 45 mins) available when you run and you should take little sips every once in awhile BEFORE you feel thirsty.

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So this is a bet between you two and not a real marathon? He is going to run the distance on the track by himself in the heat of the day without water unless he asks for water. This sounds very dangerous. If he is your friend you should not do this.

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I agree with "yentkin2001" the bet off. Marathons can be harmful to people under 18...especially with no preparation or training. Your friend may push so hard and win the which case you'll lose $100...or they may push so hard that you lose a friend...Train together for one and do it after HS graduation. Read up below on what's involved to train for can be a lot of fun if done responsibly.

- Mike

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