Any one has an idea about New Balance 735??

Which one is better on running shoes? New Balance or Nike or Asics? and which model? Thanks..


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I'm not sure you can even find the New Balance 735 anymore because they have long discontinued that item.

As for which brand of shoes are best, I don't think there is a single best brand, although Asics are the most popular among marathon runners. Nike and New Balance make very good shoes, and I have had success with shoes from all three companies. A number of other companies like Mizuno, Brooks, and Saucony are also becoming quite popular, and I know many people who love their shoes as well.

Among the myriad of shoe companies, it is very difficult to figure out which shoes are best for you. As a starting point, you can try to narrow down your choices by using a "shoe finder" from the Runner's World website (see link #1). The search will help narrow down the models that best suit your running needs. There are other websites that provide this service, including the Road Runner Sports website (see link #2).

Finally, the only way to be sure that the shoes fit your running needs is to simply wear them and go for a run. Many local running shoe stores allow you to run on a treadmill in the store or outside in the parking lot. I highly recommend that you check them out.

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its really a personal preference. everyone has different feet and different strides, and a shoe that works great for one person may not feel good for someone else.

go to a shoe store that specializes in running, like Fleet Feet, and let them look at your feet and stride. they can recommend different models of shoes based on that. then try them on and see what feels good for you.

I've always liked Asics, and New Balance makes some good running shoes too. Nike not so much, they do a great basketball shoe but their running shoes arent that hot.

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Personally i like the Asics Gel Cumulus cuz they last long and can take a beating

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