Any advice for this weekend's Frederick Marathon?


Run without getting tired?

eat something 2 hours before the start, drink water up to 30 minutes before. stretch!
dont go out too fast. you're going to feel great with lots of adrenaline, but you have to keep going for 26 miles. keep to your planned pace until at least the halfway point. if you still feel great then, you can think about pushing your pace.
drink water at every stop
eat a carbo gel every 60 minutes
have fun!

Shaky after a long run.?

Stick to your routing that you have been training with. Don't change anything at the last minute i.e. trying a new energy drink, or power food. This will change the way you've been training and may throw your timing and pace off. Eat a good carb lunch and dinner the day before. Have a light breakfast the day of and eat a banana. Make sure you drink at each station on the course. staying hydrated will lesson your chance of getting cramps. Good luck!

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