25 days to improve my 400m/800m performance?

Question:in 25 days i am competing in the 400m and 800m for the school sports day.

being my ultra-competetive self i wan't to be in the best form i can be, i'm in great shape at the moment having been gyming every 2 days, doing cardio and weights, for nearly a year now and loads of sports coming as standard too...

but, for the next 25 days i wan't to hone my training to become more of a machine at these events; what's the most intense training i could do which would improve confidence and performance specifically for these 2 events?


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These races are not exactly the same range of distance. The 800 requires more aerobic work and the 400 is a sprint that is anaerobic. If you have plenty of distance you can work 3 days per week on intervals on the track. For the 400 training you will need speed stress work: 4x200 at 85-90% walk the 200 for recovery; 3x300 at 85% walk the 300 back to the start for recovery; run 200 stride, stand at the finish line for 1 minute, sprint the 200 as fast as you can, stand there and rest 1 minute, sprint the 200 as fast as you can. Rest 10 minutes and repeat. Run from the common start finsh line to the 200 at your 400 race pace, walk the curve to the 300 mark and sprint to the finish, walk the curve to the 100 which is the exchange for the 4x100 relay, sprint to the 300 mark, walk to the common start finish line sprint to the 100 mark, walk the straight to the 200 and then sprint to the finish. These work outs done on different days give you all of the parts to the 400 race, and work on your stress and speed. For the 800 you should do 4-5x 400 at your 800 race pace with 1 minute rest. It is important in the 800 to go out at your pace, not too slow and not too fast. Do 2x600 with 5 minute rest. For time trials run 320 meters, add 10 seconds and that is about what you can run the 400 meter. Run 600 stand there for 1 minute rest and then run the 200 add the times together and that is about your 800 race time. Do 3 days of intervals, 3 days easy runs for about 3 to 4 miles rest 1 day per week. You can do the time trials after 2 weeks to see where your training needs adjusting.

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In my opinion the best way to train would be to run a lot of repetitions of the races you will compete in. Start off with a time trial in each of the events. Once you know what times you are working with you should do some distance and speed workouts to slash your times. I would say 3-6 miles for a distance workout and for speed workouts: 20 x 100 meters, 10-15 x 200 meters, 8-10 x 400 meters, 4-6 x 800 meters, and maybe 3 x 1 mile repeats if you feel aggressive. Time yourself for your speed workouts and make sure that you keep your pace on each of them. Switch between speed and distance, if your legs are really sore do distance, if you feel full of energy do some speed, if you want to get a workout done really quickly because you are pressed for time do some 100 meter repeats. Do what feels good, switch it up and take days off so you dont burn out. If you do this you will be tearing up the track and lapping your competition!!

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i agree on the repetition of the event. but don't forget to practice a little more than what you're going to be running. try workout like pyramid run [800, 400, 200, 100, 100, 400, 800] try running this at your top speed. also try speed work [3 sets of 400 and 800 each]. and sprint work, to get faster [10 sets of 100] if you do this with decent warm up and exercise [mile warm up with 10 min. exercise before and after] i guarantee you will get faster and master the events. it worked for me, at least everyone compliments me i did. good luck

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allright. i run track and field during the summer and i have a few junior olympic titles under my belt. what you need to do is, do the cardio and the weights twice a week, but the other three days, do this. run 2x500 and 1x1000. this is called overtraining. it allows you to be able, when you actually cut down the extra distance that you are running, to go the pace you need to be at for longer than you could without it. in case you don't think it works, i do this during the summer and i'm about to turn 15 and i run a 49.0 in the 400, hopefully dropping that down some this summer. just give it a try, i gauruntee it will work.


Basic stuff, no need for track workouts or tempo runs. You need to build a tolerence to lactic acid in these 25 days if you're already in good cardio shape, otherwise you will just be wasting time and not letting your muscles develope to the workouts you are doing.

Each day do a 1/2 mile warm up, stretch, and then go on a *EEEEEASSYY* 6 mile run. Then do 2 laps of strides to keep your turnover rate going.

Thats it, thats what I would do.

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