A runner's diet?

Question:I need some advice. I've just started to seriously get into running, but I need a good diet regime to keep me healthy and give me energy. This past weekend I ran 20 miles (over the course of the weekend, not in one run). I'd like to be able to run faster and longer, as any runner should. I've entered myself into a Boston qualifying marathon which takes place Sept. 9, so I know I have plenty of time. I currently weigh 137lbs, and obviously with my running I'll be pretty slender by then, so I'm not worried about that. What I'd like to know is if anyone has a good runner's diet that I could go off of. This may sound strange, but even though I know whole grain bread and pasta are great for runners, I feel bloated from them so I'd like to stay away from those carbs if I can. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me?

PS. I've also posted this question in health and diets so I can get an array of answers. Thanks!


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I am a long time runner now I guess you can say. I'm not 20 years experianced but I'm right in the thickness of competition at college. Being a college student I am restricted to what the dining halls provide for me, which actually isn't that bad as far as college dining halls goes. Before I can to college this year I was running solid times but I didn't make my Cross Country team here at college, I changed my attitude, my way of running, and my diet. I now try to incorporate more salads into my diet, mostly because I read in the book "Pre" that Pat Tyson, his roommate, remembers that he ate a lot of salads and not so much meat living on food stamps. So I figured since I didn't incorporate them before and I took a course on Fitness which focused on what you should be eating, I've since added salads at least in one of my meals a day. I definately feel the difference and have gotten faster since. Try with lower carbs if you feel bloated from them, but carbs are the best source of energy for runners, especially distance runners. Biologically speaking carbs go first then protien and then your muscles breakdown fat to use for energy. So if you don't want to eat as much carbs I suggest going with protien. This will still provide you with energy and help you build the muscle up to have more strength for that marathon. Since you didn't list what your Height is I can't calculate your Body Mass Index and give you better suggestions on what you can eat. I am assuming though you are in decent shape if you are concidering a marthon. I do like to increase my carbs before I run races to give me a little more energy for the race but don't drastically change it, your body likes consistancy and rapid changes that are only one day before really have little effect on the body. Start a pre-race diet somewhere from a week before to 3 days before the race day. This gives your body time to adjust to the differences and your stomach won't be in knots when you run the race. Hope everything that I said helps.

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I'm of the opinion that there isn't one diet that applies to everyone. If you don't like carbs because you feel bloated, don't eat them! I have a very very low fat diet- I do it because that's what I choose. The night before a race however I do have to fuel up but even then my choices are very healthy- low carb bread, egg whites, chicken breasts trimmed of fat, fat free dressing on salads, etc. Eat what you feel comfortable with- and as you've already found, your body will tell you what you need. It doesn't like carbs too much and it lets you know by making you bloated. If you crave carbs and don't like to be bloated, cut the serving size and eat it mid day rather than evening when you tend to feel more sluggish. Your biggest (or bigger) meals should be either breakfast or lunch, not dinner. If you don't like feeling full (I don't) do more meals but smaller ones. I snack more than sit down for a big meal. An average day would be egg whites, a yogurt, banana and maybe a piece of low carb wheat bread for breakfast with water...chicken breast on a salad with fat free dressing for lunch and maybe turkey burgers with low carb buns and a vegi for dinner. I rarely have red meat and if I do it's super low fat. I concentrate on proteins (chicken, tuna, turkey, etc) for energy. Before a run I can't eat a lot so I have a banana for fuel and if it's a long run when I get back I fuel back up with an apple, a deli sandwich and fat free chips.

As you can see, this is my diet- I do have a very low fat diet and some may tell me it's not good however i have plenty of metals to prove otherwise.

I say do what YOU feel comfortable with! Stay away from fatty fried foods, or go for a whim and try organic! If you have a grocery store that's organic, shop there for a week- it's fun and healthy! There's no real running diet- just as long as you're getting what you need and by that i mean, you feel healthy, you feel strong- and that's that.

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The reason you might be feeling bloated is because you are not use to eat high fiber foods. You should increase your daily consumption of fiber very gradually maybe by 5 grams a day until you get to a comfortable range between 20-35 grams for a female. Remember to drink plenty of water because more fiber requires more water to move smoothly through the intestine. It would also benefit you to eat new foods that contain PRE- and pro biotics. These will increase the healthy micro-flora in your intestines that help with digestion so that you could avoid the bloated feeling.

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just make sure you get all of your food groups in there. whole grain, v8 (for the veggies) fruit juice, (make sure it's got C and A in it) and be sure you get your B vitamins for recovery after you run. and D for your bones and joints.if you are really serious, stay away from refined sugars. if its one food that kills running or training, it's refined sugars.

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