Can you hold your breath while running track?

i've completed two track meets and i'm having a hard time running which is making me tired and came in last... wll holding my breath is trying to save you and get to run faster rather than get tired?


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No, for you need the air ot power your muscles.

You need to work out more to increase both wind and stamina

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use a stopwatch made by sloppy businessmen.

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thats not good

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probably not it is always better for you if you can breathe while running because your body needs the oxygen

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If you hold your breath you"ll probably pass out from lack of oxygen. But it would be intersting to trie.

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no...not at all.just puts more stress on you! Just keep practicing.your endurance will build up..when i ran track (a million years ago) what helped me the most was long distance running to build up my endurance as far as breathing...then i did great in the sprints (i ran 200, 400 and 800). Good Luck!

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Holding your breath while exerting yourself in anyway is dangerous and you'll probably pass out if not something worse. You need the oxygen to your brain.

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Better to hyperventilate (or close to it) just prior to running.

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No. Holding your breath will not help you at all. Breathe in with your nose, and out through your mouth. I breathe this way and it should help you significantly. Just control your breathing. When you lose control and breathe in and out from your mouth is when you mess up. Practice before your meet.

Good luck!

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You need to learn when to inhale & exhale while running. There is a method to doing this so you can breathe comfortably while running.

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No, if you breath correctly you'll actually run faster. and not breathing correctly will result in cramps. Breathe in your nose and out your mouth.

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no, its never good to hold ur breath while running, its good to take deep breaths and pace yourself

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You can hold your breath until you pass out, but that is not going to make you a better runner. You need to breathe. You must breathe to run. Take deep, full breaths, not short gasps of air. Some say to breath in through your nose and exhale through the mouth, but I don't really think it matters. Control your breathing by taking a full intake and exhale each time.

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you have to find out your breathing. Like some people breathe through their nose and out their month or the opposite. you have to learn how to control you breathing at a good pace like running.

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DONT hold your breath while running at all AFTER running hold your breath for about 5 seconds and breath. breath through your noses and out your mouth while running that will help control your breathing

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you can but it wont imporve your speed and later you will get nashious

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