400 meter hip pains?

I'm in 8th grade (boy) and I started running track last week, my events are the 800, 1600, and 4X400. I'm used to running "distances" I run like 2 miles 3 times a week So I'm somewhat used to the 800 and 1600, but since I started running the 4X400 my hips started hurting. Is this because of the sprinting?


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I ran Track in High School (200m, 300HI, 400m, 800m and 1600m) I think it just because you muscles arn't used to working so hard in so short of a distance. It will take awhile before they get use to it. Since you said you like to run Miles and do not have to work as fast and you run better over a period of time. I ran the 4x400m all 4 years and the 800m the last two. I think you will make a good 800m runner.

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I had the same problems a while back.

It could be your running shoes aren't giving you the support and cushioning you need.
The pelvis is at the top of the legs so any stresses on the muscles, joints, or bones would show up there first.
If the shoe doesn't have the right arch support you could be "pro-nating" meaning your feet are tipping inward. If there isn't enough cushioning, then the force of hitting the ground travels up the leg and has to be absorbed by something.

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