Best way to improve 400m time?

I'm an eighth grader on the track team at my middle school and I'd like to improve my pitiful 400 time of about 1:30. What's the best way to go about doing this? I'm pretty athletic, I guess I don't get the best way to run the 400.


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alright, my old track coach would tell me to ...
sprint the first 100m, or til you get around the bend, just to get out there, then in the backstretch, pace yourself with big long strides and big steps, continue this through the corner. then the last 100m you got to give it all you got, run like you stole and good luck!

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I'm in eighth grade and I'm on the track team too!! I even run the 400m too. Wow, what a coincidence. I don't remember my time because our first meet got canceled due to rain and I don't remember my time from last year.
I've been running it for the past 3 years (6th-8th grade) and I think the best way to improve your time is to keep an even pace. Don't start out fast because then you will just slow down and probably loose the race. So find out what your running pace is. Sometimes I sprint the last 100m though. Also, if you get to the meet early jog a lap around the track to warm up. Do running on your own time at home, whether it's on a treadmill or around your neighborhood. That's about all you can do. Good luck!

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The 400m is a pure sprint.. the whole way. You don't start out pretty fast and build up, you start out sprinting- and finish sprinting. (At lease thats how we do it in high school). Highschool girl times are around 1:00 - 1:03.
If your not good at sprinting the whole 400.. try longer distances such as the 800 or the mile.
Good luck :)

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The way to run the 400 is to sprint. You do not have the conditioning to run the race, so if you want to improve you will have to do speed and stress training. Your pace is about a 6 minute mile. I think your team mates that run the mile are doing faster than that. Have you run the 200 or 100? What are your times for those events? You need to do 4x200 with 2 minute rest in 35 seconds. If you can do this then you can run the 400 in under 80 seconds, which would be a 10 second improvement. Try doing the 200 workout and see if you can imrove, if so then there are other 400 workouts that will help even more.

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Contrary to what some of the others have told you, 400m is not really a sprint. You cannot sustain an all-out sprint for mor than about 250m. The 400m is a sustained hard run.

At your age, the best way to get faster, is to get stronger. You need to increase the distance over which you can run hard. You want to get to a point where you can still run strong the last 100m. That requires hard work.

A typical workout you might try is to run 200m, walk 200m, run 200m, walk 200m until you've run 6, 8, or 10 200s.

You should probably run 600m at least once a week. If your best 400 time is 1:30, run the first 400 in 1:40 and then finish up the last 200m.

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