Bow legs for running?

Anyone know an online store that sells shoes for bowlegged runners? Shoes keep wearing out on the outter edges so need either shoe inserts or shoes.


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Bow-legged runners are typically under-pronators, resulting in shoes wearing out on the outside of their shoes. It sounds like you fall into this category. I don't think there are shoes out there specifically made for just bow-legged runners, but the "neutral" type of shoes are designed to compensate for under-pronation, and they will definitely help you out.

If you go to a running shoe store, they can recommend many neutral shoes that you may wish to try. Some great ones include the Asics Cumulus, Nike Pegasus, Mizuno Waverider, and the Brooks Glycerin. To figure out which is best for you, you just have to go and run with them to see how their fit on your feet.

They will also have insoles for under-pronators that will help you run. Together with your shoes, the insoles will help correct your running, thereby wearing out your shoes less.

Good luck.

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I have very bowed legs. A large percentage of sprinters have bowed legs. If you are running long distance you will land slightly on the out sides of your feet, but when running fast you land on the balls of your feet and it doesn't matter. To correct the foot plant you can get orthodic inserts.

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