Can anyone tell me a good way to of dealing with shin splints?

I have good shoes and try not to run on concrete. Does anyone have tips of how to overcome the pain and what I need to do before and after I run to ease the pain?


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There is one flexion exercise you can do to help with shin splints. Lay on the ground and raise your legs perpedicular to the ground holing them there behind the knees. Flex your toes toyour forehead and extend them to the sky. Do this as many times as you think you need. In that same position move them from side to side like windshield wipers. And one final exercise is to rotate them around clockwise and then counter-clockwise. This exercise focuses on the muscles most commonly associated with shin splints and helps to strech those muscles in ways that other stretches don't. My final suggestion is to do this strech even after you have no more pain from shin splints, this will help strengthen those muscles as well making them less likely to occur.

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I've been running for a number of years. First off, whenever you might be running on concrete, put on a second pair of socks. It will reduce the shock to your leg. Right now you should probably get some bengay. you will need someone to rub it on the area and apply pressure at the same time. Be warned, it will hurt. Its best to take a hot shower beforehand and stay off you legs afterward.

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I have shin splints too, and they are horrible. What i usually do is ice them everyday, and at night (expecially the night before the meet) then the morning of the meet i take an advil, and then about 1 hour before i run i take another advil. (Im a freshman in high school, by the way) Sometimes, i also put some IcyHot on my legs so by the time my race is starting, my legs are numb and i can't feel them. haha

Also, avoid concrete. and don't run on them too hard. You don't want to get a stres fracture!!

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Good icing can really help with the pain. Ice before and after you run- it will numb the pain and help it heal as well. I used to freeze water in dixie cups and then run the iced cup up and down my shins. It really helped a lot.

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oh buddy i had shin splints to and they arent the worst thing but most definitly are not pleasant.. if it continues to huurt, STOP running and see a doctor. if you continue to run it may end up injuring your knees as well, because you may begin to run awkwardly, as i began to do. after injuring my shins and knees, my hips started hurting too! not fun, see a doctor ASAP if it continues to hurt really bad and get into some kinda of physical therapy maybe. [i had to be in physical therapy for 9 weeks =( ] also, it may not be your shoes, it may be the way your foot is actually landing. my foot wasnt landing correctly and i had to buy some orthotics, they help a lot. Are you running on concrete most of the time? if so, try to avoid concrete as you said you were doing, and run on grass.its our friend! lol! well ice your shins when they hurt for 20minutes every two hours, i think my therapist said. and you should start doing stretches like calf stretches. once they stop hurting as much, start building your muscles =]

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I am dealing with shin splints right now. My track/cross country coach told me that running backwards alot with reduce some of the pain. You will be able to feel it when you run backwards but it sure did help me. She also said to make sure that you stretch your calf muscles as much as possible.
I hope this helps you!

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I feel your pain. I have them BAD. I take ice baths every night after a hard workout, and the night before a meet. Ten minutes is usually good enough. I also take ibruprofen before I run.

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